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Managing Credit

Credit reports and scores, credit vs. debit cards, reading your credit report, plus more.

Hand running credit card through credit card machine.

Credit vs. Debit Cards   

Credit and debit cards each have pros and cons. When should you use each?
Boy Scout in uniform with hand raised for Scout Pledge. Boy Scouts written above.

Credit Reports and Scores   

Credit reports and scores determine the rates you pay when borrowing and can affect your ability to get certain jobs.
Pile of different credit cards.

Risks and Benefits of Credit Cards   

Credit cards offer benefits for many consumers, but it's important to understand the risks of unsecured credit.
Credit Report with Score

Building Credit   

Understanding the decisions and behaviors that can lead to improved credit scores.
Stack of credit cards.

Understanding the Credit Card Act of 2009

How the new regulations work to protect card holders.
Printed Credit Report with Pen next to it.

Reading Your Credit Report   

A detailed description of what to expect and look for when viewing a credit report.

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The Worst Case Scenario Guide to Money

This week addresses the steps to take during some very real worst case scenarios, such as a job loss, bad credit, home foreclosure, and more.

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