Online Calendars and Automation Make a Difference

Strategies for staying on top of your bills.

Clock superimposed onto a dollar bill.

In the days of paper bills, most people dreaded seeing the mail person come to their front door. Normally a stack of bills would be waiting in his outstretched hand, which meant that it was "goodbye" money and "hello" debt. Fast forward to present-day and suddenly individuals are riddled with even larger amounts of debt. Why? Most people receive e-bills, along with an average 100 emails per day, and forget to pay their bills on time. To combat this growing financial crisis, and to help you avoid or recover from debt, below are three simple money management tactics.

Streamline Paying Bills With Online Calendars And Automation

The first step in paying your bills on time is to make sure that you have the necessary funds. Next, you will need a place to store your bills. The following tactics will help you to safely store your bills in a hard to ignore spot.

  • Keep all paper bills in a highly visible area.
  • Make a bill specific folder in your personal email.
  • Create an email account that is only for paying bills. Have all bill reminders sent to this email address. Create individual folders within this email address for each company that sends you e-bills.

Once you have stored your bills, it will be time to set monthly reminders. An online calendar can sync directly to your email so that you can receive additional notifications regarding bill payment. Set your calendar alerts to remind you one week and one day before a bill is due. Remember to also set up a calendar reminder to check your bank account and credit card statements before you try to pay your bills.

The next step towards a debt-free existence is to make sure you open all of your bills. If you are behind on paying your bills, then you might be tempted to leave the emails unopened and the letters untouched. However, failing to open your bills can leave you with several unpleasant surprises, including: late fees, changes to the billing process, or final notices. 

The final step is to set up automated payments. By setting up automated payments you will never forget to pay a bill again. It is important to note that your automated payments should be marked on your online financial calendar. Keep the following items in mind when you set up automated payments:

  • When do you receive your paycheck?
  • Will there be sufficient funds in your account to process payments all at once?
  • Do you need to stagger bill payments to better match your monthly financial situation?
  • Will you be paying via a credit card or bank transfer?
  • Do certain bills require certain types of automated payments?
  • Set calendar reminders the day before an automated payment goes out.
  • Set monthly calendar reminders to review your financial statements.

The Financial Benefits Of Using Online Calendars And Automation

Online calendars and automated payments are just two of the many tools that can be used to help you to regularly pay your bills on time. In fact, there are several benefits to using these tools:

  1. You can stay ahead of your debts.
  2. You can pay your bills on time.
  3. You can more quickly recover from pre-established debt.
  4. You can build better credit.
  5. You can gain financial independence.

By implementing these steps, you will be able to enjoy more financial freedoms as you diligently work towards a debt-free existence.