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The Psychology of Money

This week explores how misguided beliefs and biases may guide our financial decisions.

The Powerful Effects of Our Beliefs and Biases

How we think about money, even when we're not "thinking" about it, guides much of our financial behavior.

Avoiding the Pain of Bad Financial Decisions

Identify your underlying thinking that gives rise to irrational behavior, and work to contain it. By doing so, you'll give yourself the best possible odds of avoiding crippling financial errors.

Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases are responsible for some of our worst financial decisions - yet many people aren't even aware they exist.

Challenge - How Do I Feel About Money?

Examining your underlying thoughts and beliefs about money could help you understand the motives that guide your behavior.

How Our Beliefs About Money Affect Our Goals

When it comes to reaching financial goals, we're often our own worst enemy.

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Facts About Taxes

This week, you'll learn some of the basic skills you need to make tax season as pleasurable - and profitable - as possible.

Tax Return Basics

Day 1: An introduction to this week's coverage of common tax return challenges for a variety of workers.

Tips for First-Time Filers

Day 2: By understanding the basic ideas outlined here, you'll be able to complete the filing process quickly and painlessly and keep all the money to which you're entitled.

Tax Tips for Gig Workers

Day 3: Gig workers have a few distinct advantages that other workers don't always enjoy, like possibly working from home or setting your own schedule. When it comes to tax filing, however, being self-employed comes with unique challenges.

Ten Mistakes That Can Mess Up Your Taxes

Day 4: Even a small error can have large repercussions when it comes to tax filing. Here are 10 top errors to avoid.

Top Tax Credits to Claim on Your Return

Day 5: Smart use of tax credits can make a huge difference for people struggling to pay for childcare, education or retirement. By exploring the credits listed here, you can put yourself in the best position to prosper.

Things to Know Before Filing an Extension

Day 6: Filing an extension is an easy process, but it doesn't always make sense for every situation. By asking exploring the issues raised here, you can determine which course of action is best for you.

Making the Most of Your Refund

Day 7: Resisting the temptation to spend a tax return isn't always easy - and, in fact, sometimes we simply need the money for necessities. Yet, by doing what we can to direct some of our refund into smart savings and investment ideas, we can set ourselves up for greater success down the road.