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Financial Rules of Thumb

Financial rules of thumb are designed to be broad, simple guidelines that give consumers a way to save, spend and invest wisely.

"Rules of Thumb" to Simplify Your Financial Life

Financial rules of thumb are designed to be broad, simple guidelines that give consumers a way to save, spend and invest wisely. We talk about how and when they could work.

Spending Wisely to Build Wealth

Controlling your spending by getting educated about the true total costs of items you purchase and setting a realistic budget can help you build wealth and improve your net worth.

Investing Rules of Thumb to Live By

Using financial rules of thumb regarding diversification of your investments and retirement investing as a starting point allows you to come up with a plan that suits your needs and goals best.

Are You Really Covered?

Insurance policies are a must to protect your home, car and even your health – but they also protect you against liability.

Using Education Debt and Student Loans Wisely

Understanding how spending too much on education or too long to pay back education loans can have significant financial implications.

3 Things to Consider During Financial Planning

When planning your financial future, you should consider how much you should be saving, how to protect your credit, and how to set obtainable goals.

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Financial Planning for Your Wedding

If you get started early, make informed decisions, and break the wedding planning process down into smaller achievable goals, the planning journey can be nearly as enjoyable as the destination.

A Six-Part Primer For Getting Hitched

Day 1: This week's series addresses how to ensure your wedding process is as smooth, seamless and happy as possible.

A Breakdown of the Costs Associated with Weddings

Day 2: Wedding should never be a source of financial anxiety for new couples. Follow the advice listed here to keep your costs manageable.

Why Set Wedding Planning Priorities?

Day 3: A smart, prioritized wedding budget is a vitally important part of pre-matrimonial planning.

Celebration Options for Every Budget

Day 4: Finding the celebration that best suits your preferences - and budget - will help get your marriage started on the right foot.

Exploring Memorable Honeymoon Options

Day 5: When it comes to honeymoons, there are really only two limits: Your imagination and your budget.

A Pre-Wedding Checklist

Day 6: By compiling a checklist and working through it step by step, you improve your odds of negotiating the process as painlessly as possible.

How To Save for Your Wedding

Day 7: Weddings may be expensive, but they don't have to be financially taxing. You can enjoy your wedding without worrying about spending more than you can afford if you plan appropriately.